CIMT 2016

HEPAVAC was present at CIMT annual meeting 2016  (May 10-May 12)in Mainz, Germany (

Tuesday 10, May 15.00-17.30, Foyer

Poster presentation: Discovery to first-in- man studies of a multi-peptide -based hapatocellular carcinoma vaccine adjuvanted with CV8102(RNAdjuvant®) (Poster No.011)/Luigi Buonaguro.

Wednesday 11, May 15.30-18.00, Foyer

Poster presentation:Effects of RNA-based RNAdjuvant®on PBMC from liver cancer patients in an ex-vivo model (Poster No.218)/Luigi Buonaguro

Poster presentation: Efficacy of a novel multi-drug metronomic chemotherapy combined with a peptide vaccine on tumor challenge in mice (Poster No.240)/ Maria Tagliamonte.